Artworks translated into textile design by Eskayel

Shanan Campanero is the founder and creative director of Eskayel, a New York–based textile design studio. She loves working with water-based inks, hence the artistic vibes and aesthetic, which comes inspired by her love of nature and surfing. Each of Eskayel’s one-of-a-kind designs originates from a painting inspired by nature or travel and created by […]

The vibrant metallic rugs by Alex Proba for Roll & Hill

Eclectic Trends | Vibrant Metallic Rugs by Alex Proba

 This is why we’d like to share the vibrant metallic rugs by Alex Proba: 1// In a nutshell: Designer Alex Proba has recently designed a series of vibrant metallic rugs for Roll & Hill’s  showroom called ’Luster’. In this collection, Proba, famous for her choice of bold color palette combined to very graphic compositions, moves towards more soften tones […]