Artistic Synapses – Transparency

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Transparency - The equilibrium between showing and hiding   Transparency is a very interesting topic in today's trend research. We published the trend Scanned! a while ago focussing on the beauty that lies underneath the surface once scanned, and would like to go a step further questioning transparency as a symbol on the internet and in our lives. Guest contributor Miriam Martí opens …

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My lifestyle trends AW 2016/17 for Global Color Research: SCANNED!, part II

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Here comes the second part of my trend presentation for Global Color Research I have shared as well at the Blogger Brunch the past weekend. This was another winner (to my surprise) together with WONDERLAND. I believe the colors influence a lot here too since they are soft and gentle, and we have seen seem them mainly on the Scandinavian markets for a while now.  Bryan …

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