TIME OUT – A Lifestyle Trend for Spring/Summer 2017

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I am releasing today TIME OUT which is one of the trends that belong to the 4 Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends S/S17 that I usually only share on Trend Talks. If you follow the Trend Posts Series, you might recognize a couple of subordinated trends over here. This Lifestyle Trend Summer/Spring 2017 talks about taking a deep breath. It’s a story …

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Imprint of Skin by Floor van Doremalen

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I discovered Floor van Doremalen's work earlier in April at the Off-Salone in Milan. Since then we have been doing a bit of research learning about many interesting concepts around the Skin Textiles theme. Actually, in case you haven't seen it yet, there is an entire Trend Post for 2017 covering this topic. Wellbeing is one one most used words on a …

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Bioengineering textile materials by Amy Congdon

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Today we will take you on an excursion to the future and show you a project that explores the potential of luxury and bespoke bioengineering textile materials. As you see, we are really focussing on innovation when we talk textiles and this post somehow  suits very well our SECOND SKIN trend we published a few days ago. Amy Congdon is a designer …

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Second Skin – A Lifestyle Trend 2017/18

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It might sound weird to some, but skin future materials have been intriguing recently many design schools and graduated students. We'd like to raise the question of   This Interior Design&Lifestyle Trend 2017 talks about research, innovation and new technologies. As I wrote in our newsletter and getting a bit more personal about what I think about likable trends, when visiting the Off-Salone …

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