Malababa: The silent luxury store in Madrid

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Matteo Ferrari Studio and Ciszak Dalmas have shaped the new Malababa leather accessories store in Madrid giving large pieces of untanned leather a centerstage since "Malababa is leather. In all kinds. In all colours. In all sizes." © Matteo Ferrari + Ciszak Dalmas  Apart from being the favourite secret shoe and bag brand of many fashion lovers with its manufacturing process located a 100% in …

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How Minerals illuminate interiors: The Margot Molyneux Shop

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Natural stones give endless possibilities to illuminate interiors with essential colors! Looking back to one of our last posts on the personal research of Lost Marbles, we can see, that minerals have been used for centuries in interiors and exteriors. Additionally, there are apparently unlimited varieties of natural stones and this is why we would love to introduce this gorgeous store …

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