Scandi Chic at Lys Vintage in Hamburg, Germany

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I have visited Lys Vintage¬†last month when flying to Hamburg to a farewell party for a dear friend. I believe that has been one of the shortest trips to Germany, in 24 hours I was back in Barcelona. I still had enough time though to visit Lys Vintage, a shop I had wanted to see for quiet some time now. …

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My Barcelona guide for

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I am asked so many times by friends, friends from friends, colleagues, family and so many more fans of my hometown, if I can recommend a nice place where to eat, shop, relax and visit the off stream Barcelona. I have wanted to do a guide for ages! is a very nice site for travelers, you can build up your …

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Travel Treasures: Ottod’Ame in Florence, Italy

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I always find it much easier to fall in love with a male brand, talking about just every single piece of a collection. I have discovered Ottod'Ame in Florence last weekend driven by an interior instinct when spotting the main window. The interior is really outstanding with that Scandi-Vintage touch, concrete flooring and white vault ceiling. The colors of the …

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Barcelona Diaries: the video shot at the stunning Azul Tierra shop

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I have been an Azul Tierra (Bleu¬† Earth) fan for quite some time, you won't find anything similar in Barcelona. They moved this summer straight into my neighborhood with such an amazing space of furniture and interior design, I had to ask Toni Espuch, creator, stylist and uber creative man behind the sceneries to allow me a short video and …

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