5 Examples Of The Assemble/Dissemble Trend: Curtains

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Within the Assemble/Dissemble Trend, curtains play a significant role and have gained a modern revival. We're moving away from fixed modules, walls, room settings to be able to play with more freedom within any kind of spatial design. Here, both residential and public spaces are influenced equally. The fusion of residential and commercial design leads to the term RESIMERCIAL. Curtains have …

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5 Areas That Need To Rethink Social Distancing Design

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Movements usually boil slowly until they come to the surface, grow, and eventually become a trend spread in various disciplines. Some convert into a mainstream phenomenon, others stay niche, and disappear after a while. We did not see a movement or trend for social distancing design coming up (though they were a few examples in Japan) but had to figure …

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Colorful Face Mask Knitting Experiments

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With no intention of belittling difficulties, the creativity of face masks that has been sprung the past weeks just for the fun of it is worth writing a book. Experienced and professional knitter @yrurari has been experimenting with some sweater ideas to wear on a face as a way to play and bring that extra creativity into these days of social …

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