House Of Food ‘Nest We Grow’ – A Public Structure

Food Hub 'Nest We Grow'-Eclectic Trends

The House Of Food ‘Nest We Grow’ is an open and public structure whose main intent is to bring people in the community together to store, prepare, and enjoy local foods in Hokkaido, Japan. The program of the Nest is decided according to the life cycle of these local foods: growing, harvesting, storing, cooking/dining, and […]

Architectural presence using absent matter

Architectural presence using absent matter | Eclectic Trends

The presence of matter is the essence of architecture. Indeed, through a material form, a construction rises in a place previously empty: an architectural appearance comes to existence. When abandoned, any building will succumb to time and become a ruin. A ruin represents, partially, the previous existing architecture; with a part no longer existing. What […]

IT’S TRENDING: The Mushroom Universe (Free Ebook)

Free Report-It's Trending-The Mushroom Universe-Eclectic Trends

We see mushrooms everywhere; it’s a trending Mushroom Universe! Fungi’s kingdom has around 144,000 of known species of organism. It includes yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews, molds, and mushrooms. We use them in several aspects of our life: medicine, consumption, and lately largely in design. Fungi are among the organisms most distributed on Earth, and they […]

Sustainable design: Growing Furniture

Full Grown | Sustainable Design | Eclectic Trends

Nowadays, sustainable design is a hot topic, so growing furniture in-sync with nature might seem something quite revolutionary. Still, the natural world has always provided us with everything we need. Not only when it comes to natural and indispensable resources but also in terms of materials and utensils, already from prehistoric times. Last summer, I […]

Our Top 5 Findings This Week

Top 5 Reads This Week -Solange Knowles | Eclectic Trends

Welcome to a new series on Eclectic Trends! We get all the time the question of where we get our inspiration from. Our Top 5 Findings this week will give you some insights of a few internet readings we pick every two weeks, and you’ll see they’re not Interior Design related only. We hope you’ll find it […]

Sustainable packaging melting away by Mi Zhou

Packaging that melts away by Mi Zhou |Eclectic Trends

What is luxury to you? And what does this have to do with sustainable packaging? This is the question I am asking now an audience in almost all of my trend talks. I hardly never receive as an answer that luxury is a certain object that can be purchased, but our values and perception have shifted […]