Sustainable design: Growing Furniture

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Nowadays, sustainable design is a hot topic, so growing furniture in-sync with nature might seem something quite revolutionary. Still, the natural world has always provided us with everything we need. Not only when it comes to natural and indispensable resources but also in terms of materials and utensils, already from prehistoric times. Last summer, I visited the museum dedicated to Ötzi, …

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5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends, part I

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Today we'd like to introduce a selection of sustainable and resource efficient ideas within a selection of disruptive materials that will be included in our first part of 5 Examples of Sustainable Material Trends. You might have seen that I had been lecturing a few days ago at the Interzum show in Cologne (Germany) where a comprehensive material exhibition curated …

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Emma Sicher’s sustainable packaging from fruit scraps

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Today we want to present the sustainable alternative to plastic packaging based on vegetable and fruit scraps developed by Emma Sicher in her thesis project “From Peel to peel”. Inspired by Italian designer Bruno Munari who said, "nature is the first producer of packaging in the world: every peel, shell or skin aims to protect its content", Sicher wanted to find …

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A colorful and sustainable material by Fernando Laposse

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Mexican designer Fernando Laposse has recently developed a naturally colorful material made with native Mexican corn husks, called "Totomoxtle". Moved by the conviction of creating materials and objects for a new generation of conscious users, Fernando Laposse has been working on various projects focused on sustainable design since he graduated Central Saint Martins in 2012, including a glassware made from 100% roti-moulded melted sugar or …

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