6 (new) Examples of The Tactility Surface Trend

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If you are a regular reader, you might know by now, how often we talk about the Tactility Surface Trend, which I do actually mention in every single conference for the past two years. The following images photographed by Kristy Noble and styled by Alex Kristal for Elle Decoration UK show different tactile surfaces and textures of a home on …

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It’s Trending: The ribbed surface

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The ribbed surface is the latest (micro-micro) trend in interior design, set to mark a higher dynamic appearance. It is, so to speak, an extension of the Tactility Trend and Circle Trend. We have been noticing for a while now how ribbed surfaces are carving themselves a space back into the interior design scene. May they be textured ceramic wall covering, …

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4 Color Trends 2017 Dulux Australia: Sentience, Chroma, Construct, Entwine

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According to Dulux they have a new antidote by presenting a visual cure through color, with palettes that will promote tactility and warmth as a remedy to excessive screen time. That as a first introduction sounds very appealing at least to us. After the huge success of last year's post (with more +40K repins), let's see today 4 Colour Trends 2017 …

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Textile installations by Hanne Friis

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With the textile installations of the Norwegian artist Hanne Friis we are more than happy to expand our portfolio in our relatively new series on ‚Textiles‘. We’ve shown you before, that the latest developments in Interior Design represent an ongoing trend for the sophisticated and conscious customer’s crave for a haptic experience. We believe, that garment making craftsmanship will be …

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Biomimcs 2016/17 – An Innovative Interior Design Trend To Watch!

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There is much information about colors, textures and moods when we refer to any Interior Design Trend but rarely technology gets mentioned. It feels like nobody is really confortable with it, but truth is innovation is all around us and used in most of the design processes already. As always, nature continues to inspire and influence. Now we gain a deeper and …

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4 Heimtextil Textile Trends 2016-17

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I will not be able to attend the show this year but I'd love to share with you anyhow the 4  Heimtextil Textile Trends 2016-17 have been forecasted by an international trend table (more info at the end of the post) and hope it inspires you. Textiles are so important in the trend world since they hold artisan knowledge and innovation as …

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