Daisy Collingridge: When textile art and sculpture blur

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Whenever you see a student thriving who graduates from St. Martins, you know you are in for a tactile treat. Daisy Collingridge's wearable pastel-colored bodysuits are no exception and surprise by their refreshing take. With names like Burt, Clive, and Lippy, her characters aim to push quilting to the absolute extreme.     The artisan process includes hand-dyed jersey and other fabrics filled with …

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Textile installations by Hanne Friis

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With the textile installations of the Norwegian artist Hanne Friis we are more than happy to expand our portfolio in our relatively new series on ‚Textiles‘. We’ve shown you before, that the latest developments in Interior Design represent an ongoing trend for the sophisticated and conscious customer’s crave for a haptic experience. We believe, that garment making craftsmanship will be …

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