Protected: Fashion Print and Colour Trends SS/16 by Mirella Bruno – For Newsletter Subscribers Only

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Welcome back! Please see now the three color and lifestyle trends Mirella has prepared through her digital moodboards. All very different but spot on for the upcoming season. 1// ROMANTIC PRAIRIE TL to BR: Lauren Luloff | Jason-Wu | Alicia Galer | Fairfield Porter | Callum Innes |  Narciso Rodriquez | Black Sheep Unique  This trend speaks the Khaki / Desert / Nomad color way with dusty hues and a nod to the alarming …

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Protected: 4 current Interior Design Trends for newsletter subscribers only

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Please see the four major trends below. I wanted to represent in a quick overview the several color palettes we observe with a 1// being soft and artisan look, 2// bold fancy colors, 3//organic and 4// tropical referring to a more savage nature. Actually that means we are talking here 3 out of 4 trends that evoke a natural feeling with …

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Soft Candy Color Trend S/S2015

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I have recently deleted my pastel color board on Pinterest with pins gathered since 2013 since I felt it was quite dated. But to my surprise pastel colors are on rise again. They were really huge a couple of years ago, and you find today two pastel trends which are a) a more velvety powder look and b) vivid pastel …

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4 Color Trends for 2015 by Dulux

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It is very inspiring to follow along color forecasts made by paint companies to see if they match your own forecast, expectations and knowledge. And I love observing the difference on varies markets. Dulux is a New Zealand based paint company, and for the first time I couldn't agree more on an annual color forecast. From the beginning to the …

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Micro Trend Report for decor8 | Brick & Bread

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Good morning! I am guest blogging today again at decor8 with a new trend report. This time I am talking about two micro trends which are BREAD and BRICK. See why I have chosen those two and the many characteristics they have in common. If you are interested in other trend reports I have been writing for Holly, please hop …

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