5 Heimtextil Trends 2020/21

5 Heimtextil Trends 2020/21 | Eclectic Trends

The name of this edition of Heintextil is “Where I belong“,  a somewhat complex statement in current times, is illustrated by 5 Heimtextil Trends 2020/21. Nowadays, people seem to have several layers of identities formed through the diverse and infinite experiences they live in, both in real life or online. Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, Franklin Till , and […]

The Biggest Hits 2019 On Eclectic Trends

4 color trends 2019 dull australia via eclectic trends

Once the year has ended, it’s interesting to analyze the biggest hits 2019 on the blog. These are the five posts you liked best and they all have two characteristics in common: you love trends and color! Here goes a quick recap in case you’ve missed any of these: No. 1 – 4 Colour Trends 2019 […]

The most asked questions about CEREMONY 2020/21

Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

I have received a few questions during the current pre-sale of our latest Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21. I figured it would be more useful to write an article than answer all questions individually. Here go the ones you had more interest in:   1. What exactly is CEREMONY2020/21?   The starting point of this digital Trend […]

How the research of our new trend report changed us

How the research of our latest trend report has influenced us

Today we are thrilled to share the big news we have been working on for a long while. A new digital Trend Report is about to hit our digital library very soon. The new study covers a holistic approach to the well-being of individuals, reflected in product design and unique services inside and outside our […]

IT’S TRENDING: The Rattan Universe (Free Report)

Free PDF-It's Trending-The Rattan Universe-Eclectic Trends

Rattan has been popping up as a material in interior and design project for some time but the contemporary rattan vibe has utterly exploded now. We simply see it everywhere. Either applied as a decorative embellishment to furniture or using an almost “total look” effect, rattan is part of our everyday aesthetic scenario these days. May reasons lay […]

REGENERATION – Our Trend Book No.1 is published!


After nine month of thoroughly researching, we are happy to announce we are back to offering trend reports and that REGENERATION – Our Trend Book No.1 is published.     In this digital report we talk sustainability’ from a point of view of restoring, recreating and regenerating and invite everybody to reflect on how to embrace […]