The Workbook That Scans If Your Business Is Trend-Proof

Is Your Business Trend-Proof-The Workbook-Eclectic Trends

Taking into consideration the massive download of the workbook we’ve experienced so far, I thought it could be worth it sharing the idea on a single post. During the lockdown, I started a video series on IGTV called How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times. During three editions you can learn why trends are accelerating, […]

Hey Gudy! I’d like to know…Part IV

Hey Gudy-How To Navigate Trends-Eclectic Trends

This video series is coming to an end. But there is one last thing we’ve produced for you. Here goes the fourth and last part of this IGTV video series. You most likely have watched the three previous videos where I share a few concepts of what the future might bring. Now, how can you […]

Hey Gudy! I’d like to know – The Mini Trend Series on IGTV

How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times By Gudy Herder

Hey, Gudy, how come you’re never speaking online?Good question. Here’s the thing: 80% of my projects consist of speaking in front of audiences or a camera. That can be a trend lecture, a corporate trend workshop, a masterclass, or when filming an online course or trend videos for corporate clients. No wonder, when not working with […]