Color Trend 2018: 10 examples of violet walls!

Color Trend 2017/18: 10 examples of Violet walls via Eclectic Trends

It’s official: Violet is coming strong! This is a Color Trend for 2018 (starting in 2017) and we want to show you 10 examples of Violet walls! After the huge success of our green walls article (+7K shares!!), we are back with a new wall color applied in several tones. Please note, we are showing a wider range […]

6 Examples of 3D Wall Decor

6 examples of 3D Wall Decor-Eclectic Trends

In the past weeks we have stumbled over more and more images on 3D wall decor and all this has taken us back to a Trend we presented a few months ago. Do you remember a few key slides we have shown you from the visual presentation that was put together by WGSN ? It […]

IT’S TRENDING: 10 Examples of Green Walls

It's trending: 10 examples of Green Walls- Eclectic Trends

I don’t know why I haven’t written earlier about green walls, even myself, I have started weeks ago to test different shades of green on my walls. It’s time to make a round up on different tone proposals. Publishing this color trend a little later is has the advantage of finding lovely material on the […]