Hack Care – A DIY style book for dementia-friendly homes

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The title in itself is already something; however, this is not a product made by IKEA , but it comes inspired by the Swedish lifestyle IKE offers. Hack Care - A DIY stylebook for dementia-friendly homes has been designed by Singapore’s philanthropic foundation Lien. You will find creative modifications that help people living with dementia facilitate their every day in their homes. Styled …

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Top 5 Findings From Last Week

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This edition of the Top 5 Findings From Last Week shows very diverse and cross-industry references from art to technology.  I find them very intriguing so I'd like to experience them all, especially the last one! 1// ART AND WELL-BEING A sensory art experience that, through visual stimulation (color), tactility (fabric), and external elements such as sun and wind, created a common …

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Holistic wellness in a traditional spa

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I grew up in a thermal town called Levico Terme, in the north of Italy, so I have always been familiar with thermal/spa cures. I'm also an allergic person, so I have been, over the years, a patient of the Thermal Bath of Levico, as well. Last summer I was happily surprised to find out they offer a more holistic …

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