Menorca Experimental – The hotel everybody talks about

Menorca Experimental - The most talked about hotel now

Think of an artist’s cottage who loves ceramics. Reborn from the gracious old bones of a 19th-century finca, on 30 hectares of land, Menorca Experimental is the countryside hotel everybody talks about now. Designed by Dorothee Meilichzon and her firm, which specializes in hospitality design, the finca is home to 43 rooms, including nine with […]

Hack Care – A DIY style book for dementia-friendly homes

The title in itself is already something; however, this is not a product made by IKEA , but it comes inspired by the Swedish lifestyle IKE offers. Hack Care – A DIY stylebook for dementia-friendly homes has been designed by Singapore’s philanthropic foundation Lien. You will find creative modifications that help people living with dementia facilitate their […]

Top 5 Findings From Last Week

Top 5 findings from last week| Eclectic Trends

This edition of the Top 5 Findings From Last Week shows very diverse and cross-industry references from art to technology.  I find them very intriguing so I’d like to experience them all, especially the last one! 1// ART AND WELL-BEING A sensory art experience that, through visual stimulation (color), tactility (fabric), and external elements such […]

Holistic wellness in a traditional spa

I grew up in a thermal town called Levico Terme, in the north of Italy, so I have always been familiar with thermal/spa cures. I’m also an allergic person, so I have been, over the years, a patient of the Thermal Bath of Levico, as well. Last summer I was happily surprised to find out […]