A Wellness Club That Lets Foresee The Future

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When you think of a wellness club ,soft, down-to-earth aesthetics might come to your mind. However, why not change the perception of what wellness is anyhow as we try to transmit in our recently published trend report The New Care Economy. If the understanding of care and wellness changes, why not its design?   Mingzhe Water Spiritual Realm Health Club is located …

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The New Care Economy – Our Wellbeing Trend Report

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Our latest wellbeing trend package, The New Care Economy is published. Ten months of research have come to an end, and we are thrilled to present to you what we've been working on. In recent months, you have heard us talk about a shifting consciousness of Care and Wellness that has entered every corner of our lives, inside and outside our homes …

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What Makes A Wellness Brand In 2022/23?

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You have heard us talk about wellness much more in the past months because this topic is at the core of our personal and professional interests at Eclectic Trends. A new concept of Care and Wellness has entered every corner of our lives, inside and outside our homes. We know we have changed over the last 18 months, but can we …

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How does wellbeing look like translated into a home

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Going through all the 84 projects for the FRAME Awards as a jury member, I am surprised by how many projects play with the absence of color. However, this Greek summer house is one of the few submissions where I don't mind. One of the reasons we share the project today is that we consider the idea of creating a …

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Why Round Shapes Spark Joy And 5 Examples Of Chubbiness

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Designer and author Ingrid Fetell Lee, who has been researching joy for ten years, shares in her TED Talk Where joy hides and how to find it that neuroscientists have discovered a reaction to why round shapes spark joy and make us feel good. There is no surprise that aesthetics change people's attitudes and mood; forms and shapes are just one part …

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The Lifestyle Trend Theme Your Are Most Interested In Is…

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We got the results on The Lifestyle Trend Theme You Are Most Interested In reflecting the interest that's most relevant to our readers and their businesses. Thank you so much for all your participation in which trend report you would like us to publish first. We appreciate your input very much. It's been a tight race, and to our surprise, all …

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