Which Trend Report Would You Like Us To Publish First?

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Can we get your help? Which Trend Report would you like us to publish first? Here, at Eclectic Trends, we work with three Mega Trends: Health/Wellbeing, Nature As A Muse/Sustainability, and Urbanization. I've given a few non-public trend lectures in the past 4 months on the new topics. Now, we will bring the trend research available as digital trend books.Evert report …

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Top 5 Readings From Last Week

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Please find a selection of our offbeat readings lately, not necessarily linked to interior design only. These are the Top 5 Readings From Last Week: 1// HOSPITALITY + WELLNESS Sweden has opened a bird's nest hotel by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi with a floating circular structure of the main building and cabins on river Lule. Imagine a wellness center situated …

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The first CBD self-care space by Standard Dose in New York

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Online CBD retailer Standard Dose has opened the first tranquil self-care space in the middle of New York City dedicated to the cannabis-derived compound, that is at the top of wellness trends these days. The brand  is committed to elevating wellness by harnessing the natural benefits of CBD. Cannabidiol compound derives from hemp and works by regulating our body’s endocannabinoid system, ECS. This …

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