When Interior Design Meets Fashion: The Bauhaus Influence

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Once again, we celebrate the magical fusion of industries with the series When Interior Design Meets Fashion: Bauhaus. Bauhaus's  100 anniversary since founded in 1919 was celebrated in several industries along 2019 and still influences us in 2020. German architect, Walter Gropius, started this school in Weimar (Germany), as a 360° art education center. It was possible to study graphic design, furniture, …

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Teal – The Must-Watch Color for 2019

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The darker hue Teal and must-watch color for 2019 comes back around every ten years and is often combined with brown shades, since these two are split complementary on the color wheel and harmonise thanks to the balance of warm and cool color temperature. The name comes from that of the duck—the common teal (Anas crecca)—which presents a similarly colored stripe …

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When Interior Design meets Fashion: Topography 2.0

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We are back with our popular WIDMF series where we show the similarities between these two creative fields and how they nurture and complement each other covering today the intriguing colors and pattern Topography offers. For our Spanish readers, please see a second language option here. The Earth's surface with its shapes and details seen from the bird's eye view has been …

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