A Mood Board Masterclass for Architects and Interior Designers

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I do not offer specialised classes on moodboarding for certain professions on Eclectic Trends, because I love to see creative professionals joining in from all kind of disciplines, different projects nurture the group too and open new dialogues.The mix during the workshop is always great. But if the proposal is interesting and I can add value, I craft in rare …

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My November Mood Board

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Today I am not showing you the typical monthly mood board post but a few images from the life moodboarding session I was giving during our Define Your Signature Style Workshop in London a couple of weeks ago. There are some images you might have seen using me already but this entire color palette still sticks with me and will …

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Moodboarding Analysis – The Funnel Shape

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I thought it could be interesting to share a bit on the blog what I teach in my workshops¬†targeted to professionals (apart from the online courses) who want to sell more with the help of a Moodboarding Analysis of their business. Through different techniques you can define your signature style which can be used for your brand image or blog. …

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Photography & Moodboarding Workshop in London: NEW DATE!

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I am back from The Bienale of Venice (see already some images here) , went to a blogger meeting in Madrid on Saturday, today we have a bank holiday here in Barcelona and I will relax a little bit but still wanted to announce a slight change in our London workshop since there have been already some students who signed …

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Trend & Moodboarding Workshop in Barcelona: 31.05.14

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I have changed the formula of my workshops and are much happier with it. We concentrate now on 2 blocks I'll describe below. It's much more focused now on a professional level where my students get to work with their projects being it their own studio they want to set up, defining their visual image and how to position themselves …

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Eclectic Trends Studio Workshop, 26.04.14

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Do you know that feeling when you want to step back, pause and see things with a perspective after having lived them? This is why it has taken me a few days to publish this post about our workshop from the past weekend. I wanted to pick the pictures I liked most with some time, see through the filming material, speak …

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