Tales Of Elderly Wanderer – Textile Art by Liuxu Luo

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Parson Textile MFA Exhibition HYBRID includes this year the work of  Liuxu Luo, incorporating mix-mediums such as painting, watercolor, and all kinds of textiles handicrafts into her creative practice of textile art.

She started using embroidery and laser cutting techniques to develop drawing methods, creating new yarns and developing them into knitting and woven works. She believes using natural dyes adds a richer cultural connection to her work.

Yinyun (images 2-4) is a body of work dyed solely using onion skins. Yinyun(氤氲), in Chinese, is used to describe the feeling of being enshrouded, echoing the way onion skins cover each other layer by layer.

Luo developed a set of onion-skin dyed garments, creating pleats and applying ornaments like laser-cut pieces representing the onion cells. Some of the silhouettes of the garments were inspired by traditional Chinese layered costumes.

Her most recent project, “Wandering Home”(image 5-7) is a textile installation inspired by the lifestyles and old tales of a kind of elderly wanderer, which has habits of collecting things as they wander and create their art word by using whatever they find around them. This project is about getting inspiration from those romantic aging wanderers who live without age limit but with wisdom and open-mindedness.

These pieces are not practical textiles for true aging nomads but instead express the freedom and imagination that she has learned from them, combined with her passion for the natural world and her wandering soul.

Textile Art Liuxu Luo


Textile Art Liuxu Luo


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