Teal – The Must-Watch Color for 2019

Posted By Elena Gardin / June 6, 2018 / 4 Comments

The darker hue Teal and must-watch color for 2019 comes back around every ten years and is often combined with brown shades, since these two are split complementary on the color wheel and harmonise thanks to the balance of warm and cool color temperature. The name comes from that of the duck—the common teal (Anas crecca)—which presents a similarly colored stripe on its head; color names were often given according to what occurred in nature and people could relate to (clementine, lavender, rose or olive are just a few).

In color psychology, Teal stands for trustworthiness, reliability and spiritual advancement. Ultra Violet was already selected as Color of the Year 2018 by Pantone to underpin the need for spirituality  and inspire connection. It seems only natural that we seek for other hues to give us comfort and identification in a moment where wellbeing, mindfulness and spirituality are on the rise.

Eclectic Trends | The Must-Watch Color for 2019

Mingardo | Martin Across

The Must-Watch Color for 2019

Sella Concept | Zuhair Morad A/W 2018/19

Eclectic Trends | The Must-Watch Color for 2019

Charlie Schuck | Emporio Armani A/W 2018/19

Eclectic Trends | The Must-Watch Color for 2019

Sé CollectionsMan Repeller

The Must-Watch Color for 2019

Zoffany paint  | Alexander Mc Queen A/W 2018/19


Charlie Schuck  | Elin Face Art

Teal has been seen much during the Milan Design Week 2018 and we thought it was the perfect match for another example of our series When Interior Design Meets Fashion showcasing the similarity of colors, patterns, shapes and core messages between these two creative disciplines. For more examples of the WIDMF series, please see below.

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  • June 6, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    Very fascinating, Gudy! I can totally see that need for spirituality and mindfulness and I think the rise of the teal solour reflects that pretty well :)
    Thanks so much!

    • Gudy Herder
      June 7, 2018 at 9:59 am

      It does, right? I didn’t think of it before, but I can totally see this as a more mindful shade to work with. G, xx

  • Julia
    June 7, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Love this post! I think it is such a great color. It is an instant classic and a fresh one as well. It matches with other tones and behaves well with pastels. Good to have your advice. Thank you

    • Gudy Herder
      June 7, 2018 at 9:58 am

      Very welcome, I believe right now there is pretty much any color that could not be combined with teal.Love it with burgundy, too.

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