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Textile installations by Hanne Friis


With the textile installations of the Norwegian artist Hanne Friis we are more than happy to expand our portfolio in our relatively new series on ‚Textiles‘. We’ve shown you before, that the latest developments in Interior Design represent an ongoing trend for the sophisticated and conscious customer’s crave for a haptic experience. We believe, that garment making craftsmanship will be a meaningful value in the future, in even more disciplines than in Interior Design and Fashion. There is a lot of new technology involved, too.



After graduating from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts in 1996 she lives and works in Oslo, Norway and a big part of Hanne Friis’ oeuvre includes large textile installations. Her three-dimensional organic landscapes are handmade fabric creations. Materials like bleached canvas, nylon stockings, Gore-Tex, secondhand denim and other fabrics are transformed by different types of layering – like stitching.


The complexity of her artwork creates a dramatic effect: the sculptural pieces are adding a larger dimensionality to a space. She states, there is a ‚physical presence‘ in her work. A repetitive leitmotif in her art is the ‚vulnerability of the body, weakness and mortality of man, but at the same time, the raw force, intensity and delight of all life‘.



We have gathered, what we find, are the most beautiful pieces that show you this expansive force and tangible presence of textiles. The complex surface and textures she creates are shown in the works of ‚Light Stream‘ and ‚The Layers‘. This structural and textural complexity in textiles is a nature we are going to explore in our future coverage.

We hope you have enjoyed this carefully curated collection of Hanne’s impressive oeuvre and are looking forward to new treasures we will show in the future in our new series on textiles. G, x


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