Textile Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18 – The Mariners Muse

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Today we are excited to share a Textile Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18. Please don’t miss the short Q&A at the end of the post we passed over to Rachel Higginbottom, fashion designer and trend consultant behind Tactile Trends and author of today’s trend article.

Textile Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18_Tactile Trends_ via Eclectic Trends

Natalie Westling by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia

For our textile trend story, ‘The Mariners Muse‘ we look at the world through the eyes of a seafaring mariner and his castaway muse. As they travel the oceans together braving the elements, their voyage of discovery reveals textural wonderment, ship wrecked beauty and curious beach finds.

Starry nights and stormy seas lead the way to a season filled with raw experience.

- Tactile Trends
Tactile Trends Story AW 17/18 via Eclectic Trends

Images: Paolo Roverski for Vogue Italia | Mood Flow | Reija Jokinen | The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway |  Sarah Walton | Ben Dahlhaus by Esra Sam

Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.

- Ernest Hemingway


Counting Barnacles

We look to fossils, shells and geology for stitch, weave and appliqué inspiration.

Textile Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18_Tactile Trends_ via Eclectic Trends

Images: Thom Quine | Melina Gesto by Thomas Lohr for Vogue Germany | Sarah Walton | Kara Rosenlund

Set Sail

Soft volume silhouettes mimick the fluidity of sails in the breeze.

Textile Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18_Tactile Trends_ via Eclectic Trends

Images: The Winator | Vika Falileeva by Emilio Tini  


From compact plaits to fine net, the contrast of open and closed structures is an important feature of the season, especially when it comes to layering.

Textile Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18_Tactile Trends_ via Eclectic Trends

Images: Anja Dragan |  Dana Barnes | Leonardo Correa Luna | Matilda Norberg


Long fringes of yarn and thread trail or hang for a ‘castaway’ look.

Textile Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18_Tactile Trends_ via Eclectic Trends

Images: Natalie Westling by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia | Alison Tsai

Beach Souvenirs

Lapped up at the shores edge we find curious trinkets, sea polished glass and branches of driftwood.

Textile Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18_Tactile Trends_ via Eclectic Trends

Images:  Renuko Style | Antique Pewter Button

Textile Trends are everywhere and not just related to the fashion industry. In fact, due to the long-lasting Tactility movement, textiles are gaining more importance in different disciplines. We wanted to ask Rachel a few related questions.

1// Can you briefly describe yourself and your background?

I am a textile focused fashion designer that is driven by uncovering newness and presenting that through trend. I graduated in 2006 with a degree in fashion design and later specialized in lingerie design which developed my eye for detail and allowed me to work and travel internationally.

2// Why do you think textile trends are becoming so relevant for different industries?

Textile trends are becoming so relevant to different industries because of the stories they tell, the cultural identity they bring and most importantly, I believe there is a growing urgency for consumers to understand provenance. We are currently seeing a big return to traditional methods of weaving for example.

3// What is your recommendation to a brand that wants to be ahead of textile trends but does not know where to start with?

My recommendation to any brand that wants to be ahead of textile trends is to firstly identify key areas of education for their customer, like sustainability, process, innovation or provenance. I would then recommend visiting textile trade shows in order to create relevant and sharable content around your key areas and get people talking about them.

4// What textile shows do you recommend to visit and why?

Currently I visit or seek reports from Interfiliere, Première Vision, Spin Expo and Munich Fabric Start.

These textile shows gather the best manufacturing talents and independent brands from around the world. They also award innovation and creativity and facilitate networking which is so important.

Thank you, Rachel! If you are interested to experience more of the trend story ‘Mariners Muse’, you can order key items, colour palettes and A3 mood boards through her contact page.


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