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Oh my, I have just realized yesterday I have  10.000 clicks on my YouTube channel. And that deserves a big THANK YOU!

It’ s been a crazy year testing and experimenting, but we firmly believe that videos are the new medium to go with. I am still nervous every time I get in front of a camera, sometimes it takes several takes to tape, but here I am, here we are. My partner is the video producer behind supporting and taking care in every single adventure. And I am really kind of proud!

It grows slowly, there is a lot to learn but I have been taught already some time ago that “sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity” :-) So, again a huge thank you!

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¡No me lo puedo creer! Me acabo de dar cuenta que ya hay más de 10.000 clicks en mi canal de You tube. Y eso se merece un post en si con un gran THANK YOU!

Ha sido un año loco, probando, experimentando pero creemos que el mundo del video es el nuevo medio a seguir! Cada vez que me veo delante de la cámara me pongo nerviosa, y hacen falta unas cuantas tomas, pero allí estoy, bueno estamos porque mi pareja es el responsable de las producciones de video que me anima y me apoya en cada aventura. Y la verdad, ¡estoy hasta orgullosa!

Crecemos poco a poco, hay mucho por aprender, pero ya hace un tiempo que me enseñaron que el éxito algo “descuidado” es mejor que la mediocridad perfecta. Así que de nuevo, ¡un enorme GRACIAS a tod@s!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Como me alegro!!!! Eso siempre son buenas noticias! ¿Será por que molas y haces el trabajo bien hecho?

    Un abrazo!

  2. Gudy I can’t believe that you’re nervous, you’re such a natural – truly. I REALLY enjoy watching what you produce and nice to see that you’re partner is part of the act:) Congratulations, and agree that this video thing is certainly the way to go! Mel x

    1. Natural? Ha, if you knew the “behind the scenes”…Anyhow, I guess you can get used to it! Plus, I have someone at my side who really takes care.xx

  3. Congratulations Gudy,
    I also think video is the new way of communication and I am a fun of your channel as well. I really like your videos and they look so spontaneous that I can’t imagine you had to go back and forth several times.
    Thank you for sharing the videos with us.

  4. Enhorabuena!!! Haces un muy BUEN trabajo (con mayúsculas) A seguir creciendo y deleitándonos con vídeos y post tan bonitos.

    Un beso

    Mapi. Estilo Escandinavo

  5. I didn’t know you did videos, I just spent a lovely 10 minutes checking out your channel. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities, so it’s great to see some cool places to visit on my next trip! I love what you said in your post “sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity” I totally agree and you have inspired me to have a go with video myself.

    Congratulations on your success with your channel, you’re videos are really inspiring x

  6. I only can agree! I totally can imagine that you are having a show bringing the news in interior design to people – you are really talented my dear!
    Looking forward to more,
    Hugs, Sandy

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