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The Amara Blog Awards 2015

Amara Blog Awards

It’s been my first shortlisted blog event, and I had no idea how the award ceremony would look like and what to expect. I went in perfect company with my man and we met a few lovely blog friends catching up. But I have to admit I had not even heard about most of the bloggers who attended. It’s a very local award though with a few extra international categories.

The ceremony of the Amara Blog Awards was held at the glam Ham Yard Hotel in Soho and after some mix&mingle time (a lot actually which is great), we stepped into what looked like a movie theater where  Sam Hood, Founder and Creative Director of Amara welcomed us. Interior stylist and journalist Sophie Robinson lead us through a short but very entertaining ceremony with a really very well written speech.

Amara Blog Awards

Amara Blog Awards

Amara Blog Awards

Amara Blog Awards

Amara Blog Awards

John Nassari Photography

The Italian blog Gucki won in my category and I can just say, well deserved! Not only does she cover a wide range of interior related topics, her personal branding (what an outfit!) won that award, too. She had to be Italian, and I mean it in the nicest way possible. Everybody who knows me a bit, acknowledges the true passion I have for Italy and all the beauty they carry in their DNA. Nominations for 2016 open soon, and I’d love to try it next year again. You never know, right? Came back with loads of ideas, will think on a few new series now and move content into a few different ways. I have a thank you gift for you in my newsletter coming out this Wednesday, please sign up if you haven’t so far. It’s one of these, I’d love to have myself (well, I do:) G, x

PD: Best news of the night was the International Award for Mel and Styled Canvas! So happy for her!!

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  1. Oh thank you Gudy! So nice of you! I am still thrilled and stunned! Thank you, thank you very much for these sweet word! My ‘personal branding’… you made me think a lot about it! This Summer when I found out that Gucki was nominated for the award, I read “6 reasons to enter blog awards” a post by Amara. Today I feel very true two of these in particular: increase self-esteem and increase blog awareness & recognition. I have to process this big news and I have to meditate about it! Thank you again, it was so nice to meet you! I hope to see you in Milan at the Salone del Mobile!
    p.s.: hey, Gudy rocked with her total grey-super-cool-jump-suit outfit! I love her! ;-)

  2. Oh Gudy congratulations on getting nominated and then shortlisted and yes the 2016 nominations are very near! Congratulations to Gucki, I so look forward to discovering her blog and the other winners for that matter. Such a big wonderful world this blogging community. Thank you so much for the lovely mention, it means so much to me. You’re one amazing woman! Big hugs xx Mel

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