The Biggest Hits 2019 On Eclectic Trends

Once the year has ended, it’s interesting to analyze the biggest hits 2019 on the blog. These are the five posts you liked best and they all have two characteristics in common: you love trends and color!

Here goes a quick recap in case you’ve missed any of these:

No. 1 – 4 Colour Trends 2019 Dulux Australia


4 color trends 2019 dull australia via eclectic trends

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No.2 – 3 Jotun Colors Of The Year 2019: Calm, Refined, and Raw


3 Color Universes 2020 by Jotun | Eclectic Trends

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No.3 – 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019/20 To Watch


Eclectic Trends | 5 Heimtextil Trends 2019

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No.4  – Color Of The Year 2020 – The Universe Of Brown


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No.5 – 4 Color Trends 2020 Dulux Australia


Eclectic Trends | 4 Color Trends 2020 Dulux Australia- Indulge

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And these were your biggest hits 2019 when it comes to our pages:

1. How To Create A Mood Board Workshops

Dedicated to our one-day masterclass in English and Castellano. Still running strong after four years of imparting classes in Barcelona. I’ve seen all kinds of professions and nationalities creating impressive mood boards for different professional purposes. We’ve new dates for February and March if you are interested.

2. Trend Reports

We’ve published REGENERATION and CEREMONY this year, the latter comes in different versions (full and downsized). As a novelty, we’ve started to offer free downloads of smaller capsules of our It’s Trending series.

3. How To Create Mood Board Ecourses

The basic course has been on the net for a while and still is very popular. We’re going to offer in 2020 a new though different version.

Thanks for reading along in 2019! There are a few novelties to come in 2020 such as a new category called TECH because technology is at the forefront within our homes, we’re revamping our site this year and will offer a page of free resources. Here is to a slower, more mindful, and color-infused 2020! G, x


NEW: And talking about hits, you might want to check out the latest boom in the US, which comes a free downloadable It’s Trending report right here:


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