The Chicest Doctor Office You’ve Seen To Date

That’s a bold title, but we are pretty sure you haven’t come across a similar health care space. Recently, color and design play a larger role in patient care, and we see how a medical environment could look less anonymous and more inspiring or comforting. The medical industry is starting to see a long due makeover from hospitals, clinics, care centers, research buildings, dentists, and doctor offices. After all, why renouncing comfort and feel-good design when we most need it?

Multidisciplinary artistic director Alessandro Moriconi translates his latest design project into the chicest office we’ve encountered so far for Doctor Antoni Calmon, who operates in Paris. Visualized as a Milanese apartment, Greco-Roman influences are well-balanced with contemporary art and graphical elements.

Anything chic and trending is here to find: from exquisite walnut paneling, the organic shape of a boucle wool sofa, an extra-large marble table with puffy feet, terrazzo flooring, and art decor inspired chairs. Name any collector-style piece, and you’ll find it below.

Textures and rounded volumes invite curious hands while they intrigue the eye. Invited to wait in such a setting, the senses and curiosity are engaged a way to start the conversation long before coming face to face.”
Alessandro Moriconi



Cosmetic surgery office in Paris

Chicest doctor office by Alessandro Marconi in Paris

Chicest doctor office by Alessandro Marconi in Paris

Chicest doctor office by Alessandro Marconi in Paris

Chicest doctor office by Alessandro Marconi in Paris

Ph: Claire Israel

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