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The Citizenry is reinventing retail by connecting consumers and makers

The Citizenry artisans with cushion Eclectic Trends

The Citizenry has us questioning…


How often do we really consider the production processes behind the products we hold in our hands?


The Citizenry artisan pillow Eclectic Trends

If it’s a difficult question to answer, you may find you would like to learn more about the brands taking a unique approach to retail by integrating their processes with their consumers.

One such brand is The Citizenry founded by Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley. The Citizenry is a socially conscious brand offering an array of home goods with a soul and a story.

The Citizenry Founders Eclectic Trends

The Citizenry Room Decoration Eclectic Trends

At its core, the company’s mission is to connect consumers with the people behind their products and to create a more meaningful shopping experience. The Citizenry has achieved this by partnering with a network of artisans and makers from around the world to provide customers with high-quality and unique products that are ethically sourced/produced and aid towards helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship and support local economies.

The Citizenry artisans Eclectic Trends

The Citizenry has set itself apart from other brands through its “social impact” menu. This innovative menu is a tangible expression of the company’s commitment to creating positive change in the world.

It outlines the social impact of each product, including the number of jobs created, the number of fair wages paid, and the environmental impact of the production process.

This information EMPOWERS consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions and creates a connection between the consumer and the artisan.

The Citizenry artisans with cushion Eclectic Trends

The Citizenry’s commitment to social impact goes beyond just providing information to customers. The company also works closely with its partner artisans and makers to ensure that they receive fair wages and that their working conditions are safe and humane. The Citizenry invests in the communities where its partners live and work, supporting initiatives such as clean water and education programs.

The Citizenry hand weaving Eclectic Trends

The Citizenry cushions Eclectic Trends

The Citizenry is transforming the retail industry by enhancing the shopping experience with a focus on meaningful impact. Customers can now shop knowing that their purchases contribute to a positive global impact. The Second Home initiative is a notable example of this effort, offering second-hand pieces at a discounted price of up to 35%. By providing these items with a second home, The Citizenry is helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the retail industry.

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The Citizenry is one of many inspiring projects featured in our Maker Strategy Workbook. The Citizenry’s social impact menu is more than just a marketing tool. It is a tangible expression of the company’s mission to create a more meaningful shopping experience and to make a positive impact in the world. By partnering with artisans and makers and investing in their communities, The Citizenry is revolutionizing the retail industry and setting a new standard for socially conscious brands and their production processes. 

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Images courtesy of The Citizenry

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