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The Green Box

Why go for conventional walls and rooms if you can place a green box in the center of a 120-sqr-meter apartment in Berlin?

The box, lacquered in a deep green, works with warm golds, violets, and brown tones to play off a concrete ceiling and wall; carefully crafted details make the box not only functional but emotional.

Ester Bruzkus Architekten is the alma mater behind this optimistic and playful apartment design placed around The Green Box. The kitchen takes up one of the long sides of the green box; while hidden within, you can unexpectedly find a roll-out modular sauna.

It is a really simple idea – to put one box in the middle of the space – but it does so much.” – Ester Bruzkus

The top-floor apartment came with an industrial look of exposed concrete walls and floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides. This format influenced the spatial planning, with the kitchen and bedroom occupying the two glazed sides with continuous balconies and a more private area of rooms for bathing and self-care.


Ph: Robert Rieger

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