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The green home of Antonio Sciortino

Antonio Sciortino-Eclectic Trends

This is home of House Antonino Sciortino, a Milan-based artist and former dancer who expresses his creativity in his iron works though he looks like an all-round creative soul to me observing the images below.

Antonio Sciortino-Eclectic Trends

He was born in Palermo in 1962. At the age of eight, he began to forge in his father’s shop smaller objects with pieces of soft wire which were used to bind the metal bars to be processed. His passion for dance led him to Rome, where he built a solid career as a choreographer. In his free time he continued to perform works in iron always, and now, having left the dance behind, iron sculpturing has become the main business .

Antonio Sciortino-Eclectic Trends  Antonio Sciortino-Eclectic Trends

The light , delicate cast-iron staircase with long rods perfectly emphasize the height of the room in which few pieces are shown with large trees and plants as real eye-catchers and prevailing throughout the entire home. It’s hard to see anything else than concrete floors, light filled spaces and large plants in terra-cotta planters on iron platforms.

Antonio Sciortino-Eclectic Trends

Antonio Sciortino-Eclectic Trends

I really like the unexpected touch on the last pic giving warmth to the bedroom with a worn out antique style rug. Picture the room without it, it would be a totally different experience. G, x

Via: Bo-Bedre | Photography: Serge Anton/Living Inside

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  1. His house looks absolutely fantastic! He has utilized space very efficiently and I love the way his furniture, flooring and everything else go together!

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