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The Hive 2014 in Copenhagen

I can’t believe The Hive was almost 2 weeks ago. This time I did not take pictures but just enjoyed the event knowing that Bridgee from Little Star Blog being the official photographer would take care and come up with unbeatable images (all the images in this post are taken by her).

Joceleyn Casey

The Hive had a different approach this year, I think Yvonne did a great job here and among a nice bunch of interesting speakers (pic taken at Jocelyn Casey’s conference about ‘mindful blogging‘), she invited several brands to sit together with us bloggers presenting and discussing cooperation possibilities which in my opinion is anyhow the future of this kind of conferences or blogger events. I mean we all have attended now a few, have heard several keynotes (that does not mean we apply everything…when will I finally create my media kit???) and there is just a ‘next step’ needed.


April and May, Bungalow5 and Boligcious.

So, what do you need to make a blogger conference successful? Never underestimate good food. That seems to be a really important part. Not for me but I certainly appreciate healthy food. And the Scandic Hotel didn’t disappoint here.


Then the goodie bags. I can’t recall the brand right now ( sorry, writing the post while in Warsaw) but these totes were really nice and filled with pretty stuff. But you know, I think there comes a point we are getting too spoiled.

goodie bags

Starting with a Muuto goodie at the kick off event ( I am enlarging my ‘dots’ series)…

at Muuto

…and finishing the last day still with this mint ceramic platter from Ferm Living you see below. I do appreciate all the effort behind but is it really necessary? I just hope the organization does not assume  I expect all these sponsored presents. Because at the end The Hive and any other conference was initially thought to be about learning and networking.  No critics here, just thinking!


You need a good mix of speakers with different angles, an apropiate environment of the rooms and yes, breaks! But what I always enjoy most is catching up with dear fellow bloggers and friends.This is my WHY I am going to these kind of events.

Tina from Traveling Mama was there, Anastasia from Stilzitat, Liselore from Meet The Blogger, Bridgee and meeting for the first time Jocelyn from Jocelyn Casey Design, Anne from Anne’s Kitchen, Marlene from Boligcious or Katarina Tan from Zero the One. I dearly missed Anya and Mette but we’ll find a different moment!

As a speaker I had a great time and learned a lot from my audience too, it’s been a wonderful ping-pong play during the ‘1o creative ideas for tactile mood boarding’ speech and there is nothing better than having an interactive blogger crowd!

gudy Hive

Photography Little Star Blog

Working together, both parties learn and it makes it so much easier and FUN! After my speech, several fellow bloggers came up asking for workshops abroad and I really loved the idea! That’s why we are currently organizing courses in London and Vienna, I will publish the London details very soon.

How about some extra inspiration?

9 Responses

  1. The idea to have brands talk and discuss cooperation possibilities does sound like great idea as opposed to the 10th media kit speech. and yeah: less goodies, more gudys ;) (even though these dot-totes do look very cute. But then: don’t we own a dozen of them already?)

  2. I agree, getting to meet with brands got me thinking about blogging in a different way. While I’m not pursuing monetization (yet) and am happy to blog for passion and fun, thinking of blogging as taking action beyond writing sparked a lot of ideas for me. Now to make the time and energy to work on them!
    Speaking of action, it was really wonderful to finally see you in action!

    1. Hi Deepa. Really good meeting you in real life finally!Hope you enjoyed that weekend!Did you change anything after The Hive and took action in anything so far. Just curious…Happy weekend. x

  3. Gudi, I had to leave before your presentation on Saturday but I would so much love to see it. Do you think you may publish it somewhere? I think this was the best The Hive ever. It’s always such a joy to meet fellow bloggers again.
    Ciao from Florence

    1. Hi Birgitte, Yvonne told me to upload this weekend all speaker’s content.Glad you had a good time too! x

  4. Thank you so much for coming and your kind words.
    As the organizer I also believe that working with brands in Brand Hour is the way to go. I also agree that less, but useful (or delicious) goodies are always better.

    This The Hive has been a test balloon for some things and I’m glad I’m on the right way!

    See you very soon!

  5. Hi Gudy, it was lovely to finally meet you and experience the warmest hug in the world! Who knew someone could be world famous for their hugs? Your presentation encouraged me to think differently when it comes to inspiring my outlook and vision when it comes to projects, inner and outer. I sincerely thank you for your kind nature and being who you are. I am already looking forward to the next time we see each other! Wishing you and everyone in your day a beautiful Friday.

    Jocelyn xx

  6. This looked like a really professional conference! I think that meeting other bloggers would definitely be my why as well but the idea of meeting brands and collaborating is a great idea, certainly the future. Mel xx

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