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The hybrid world of painting and textiles by Joana Vasconcelos


Hybridity is still a relevant topic in our day-to-day. The term used during the pandemic when working from home, has now evolved to other industries, or maybe it always existed when referred to cross-disciplinary work?

Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos brings joy and a sense of wonder. With a dimension of 160 x 120 x 40 cm, Crochet Paintings question the boundaries between painting and sculpture, 2D and 3D works. Inspired by the landscapes of classical paintings and using a technique familiar to the domestic universe, Joana Vasconcelos superimposes handmade crochet volumes; which may vary in format and choice of colors, in the complement of props or the use of a frame but always appeal to interaction.

Reversing the field depth, through bidimensionality and three-dimensionality, the visual artist offers a new perspective that does not require us to enter the work as it takes the initiative to meet us.

Through more or less undulating compositions, materializing hills and valleys of an unreal world, they create a dialogue that invokes, simultaneously, body and nature, the figurative and the abstract; allowing a playful and engaging landscape to emerge for contemporaneity.





Think Tank of Innovative Materials

New Masterclass

Think Tank of Color + Materials Trends for 2025


This one-day masterclass, set to take place in Barcelona, is designed for creatives eager to explore the latest material trends firsthand. During the session, participants will engage in interactive discussions, hands-on exploration of 200+ materials, and collaborative brainstorming to generate innovative ideas for their application.

Everybody gets to take home a box full of materials.

How about some extra inspiration?

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