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The log cabin: a scandi-style home in Melbourne

Lucy from The Design Files has been after this Melbourne based home for more than one year since nice homes end up first in Interior Magazines but she finally managed to do a fantastic production.

Lucy que está detrás de The Design Files ha conseguido al final poder publicar esta casa de Melbourne cuando llevaba un año intentándolo, porque cuando las casas son bonitas suelen salir primero en las revistas de interiores.

the log dining kitchen | Eclectic Trends

The so called ‘Log Cabin’ by the owners is a renovated 1970′s timber home and it belongs to Simone Haag and Rhys Haag and Tank, a Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound.

Los propietarios la llaman su ‘cabaña’ y en esta casa de madera de 1970 viven  Simone Haag y Rhys Haag y su perro Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound ( no me hagáis traducir eso, por favor :-)

the log cabin painting | Eclectic Trends

They turned in only 3 months a pretty dark 3-bedroom home into this scandi-style light paradise you are seeing now. It has to be mentioned that Simone works for interior design studio Hecker Guthrie and that Rhys is a construction manager. I guess that helps.

En tan sólo 3 meses convirtieron un oscuro piso de 3 habitaciones en esta oasis de luz con toque escandinavo. Con todo que hay que decir que Simone trabaja el estudio de diseño e interiorismo Hecker Guthrie, y Rhys se mueve en la construcción. Supongo que eso ayuda.

the log cabin living | Eclectic Trends

The goal was to make the space much brighter and give it a certain scandi-style feeling. My first style impression though was lots of vintage ceramics! For me the main feature recalling that Scandinavian feeling was the white panelling (of course, there are other icons too). I really like that!

Se trataba de conseguir un espacio con mucha más luz y darle un cierto ambiente escandinavo. Lo primero que pensé por eso fue que allí vive alguien que colecciona cerámica vintage. El toque escandinavo me lo dan las paredes con los paneles blancos (bueno, hay mucho más que lo recuerda…) y me gusta.

the log cabin kitchen | Eclectic Trends

The entire house was repainted, inside and out, new flooring and the timber paneling installed and there is this really smart idea of the dressing room. Have you seen that?

Toda la casa se pintó por dentro y fuera, se instaló suelo nuevo y los paneles en las paredes. Lo que me pareció muy inteligente fue el vestidor. ¿Os habéis fijado?

the log cabin closet | Eclectic Trends

It’s like a mini closet, such a clever solution and I love the bench and leather handles. You can easily see that there was a true professional behind the idea.

Parece un vestidor mini muy bien aprovechado, y ¡me encantan el banco y los tiradores de cuero! Como se nota que alguien entiende aquí de su oficio.

the log cabin bedroom  Eclectic Trends

By the way, Simone has a nice blog too, if you want to check it out, please hop over.

Simone tiene por cierto un blog interesante, echadle un vistazo aquí.

the log cabin bathroom | Eclectic Trends

They appreciate that there’s also a real connection with nature, as the home is perched high on an elevated block, looking East towards the Dandenong ranges.

Ellos comentan que también hay un fuerte vinculo con la naturaleza allí, la casa está anclada en la altura y mira hacia los Dandenong ranges que es un parque natural.

Photos by Sean Fennessy.

I’d like to raise up a little question today, why do you think Scandinavian style has become so important? I am really curious.

Hoy quisera saber porqué creeis que el estilo escandinavo esté tanto en auge. A ver lo que opináis ;)

How about some extra inspiration?

11 Responses

  1. Thank You Gudy, what a lovely home. I especially love the muted palette. The ceramics also caught my eye as well as those fabulous Fig Trees! They really bring the space to life. xD

  2. I think Scandi style is so big right now because it’s modern, clean, cosy and you can easily mix up the pieces: it’s very flexible. I really like the pendant lamp in the first image. It goes so well with the 2 small tables in the second image. And oh that fig tree… <3

    1. I believe it’s so en vogue too because there is always a lot of light in the pictures. Plus, it speaks sustainable life and that is huge now! Thks Judith, for the thoughts!

  3. Esta casa me da un buen rollo! Me encanta la luz que tiene, lo blanco, el punto retro, los mil detalles. Me chiflan las flores, ramas doradas de la pared,….
    Es fuente de inspiración por varios motivos!



    1. Si tienes curiosidad, mira quien vive allí. En el blog de The Design Files sale la propietaria. Av ver si es como te imaginas:-)

  4. Thanks for your comment Gudy… how good is Hecker Guthrie? I particularly love the panelling and the leather door handles in this place.

    You should definitely visit melbourne… it is amazing!

    1. It goes on my wish list filed under: ‘soon, sydney, love to stay a season’
      Happy weekend, Kathryn!

  5. This house is beautiful … bright, neat, sober and elegant (and that’s why we are all so fond of the Scandinavian style I guess ;-) have a lovely Sunday

  6. ADORE this space, Gudy. Love all the clean white panelling and touches of colour throughout. Also crazy about the ceramics collection in that delicate shelving unit. I think Scandinavian style has hit an all time high in interior design because of the fabulous light it offers and its sheer versatility. You can mix and match almost any furniture styles to create the look, so long as the overall theme is fresh and clean. Scandi homes also really show the personalities of their owners, as the look begs for an eclectic mix of heirloom and treasured pieces combined with newer styles. It’s my favourite style as I love to mix old with new. Have a great week, Holly x

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