The new 2017 program is here: The Mood Board – A Communication & Sales Tool

Moodboard Masterclass-Gudy Herder

I have just opened the inscription for the next 2017 masterclasses which come with a new program and title. The Mood Board – A Communication & Sales Tool addresses to professionals who want to stand out in the crowd, gain more visibility and sell their project with an effective presentation.

These are the new dates:

JANUARY, 13 – SpanishFEBRUARY, 24 – English


Moodboarding for Professionals is back but comes with a new title and additional topics. The course will focus on two content blocks in 2017:

  1. The creative part of making a well structured mood board taking into account several design principles

  2. How to use your mood board as a communication and sales tool with an effective presentation to your audience or client

The Mood Board - A Communication & Sales Tool - New masterclass with Gudy Herder

The Mood Board - A Communication & Sales Tool - New masterclass with Gudy Herder

The new program is based on your ideas, suggestions and my observations made during the last 1,5 years during the classes. The main learnings are:

“Most people believe creating a well-structured mood board is the major objective to achieve. Truth is clients don’t always think like creatives do or speak the same language. If your concept pitch when presenting your board is not crystal clear and effectively delivered (often due to a lack of confidence), your message can be misinterpreted”.



The masterclass focusses on the mood board understood, both as a communication AND sales tool.



1// The first content block covers several techniques or design principles on how to efficiently structure a mood board so it doesn’t look cluttered but gives a concise message. There is no much news here except for a new chapter on COLOR you asked for. We will basically tap into

  • a few color principles and their effects

  • see examples of how to integrate these on a mood board

2// The new and second content block focusses on how to get your message out, give an effective presentation on your mood board and sell you project! These will be the learnings:

  • how to prepare an efficient presentation

  • how to present solutions, not features

  • how to stay ahead of possible objections

  • ways of closing a presentation

  • individual and group presentations

  • how to give and receive feedback on your mood board that helps to improve the work done during the day

The Mood Board - A Communication & Sales Tool - New masterclass with Gudy Herder

People are flying in from all over Europe and the US so far for the English courses. The groups are so versatile which makes it a great community! That applies to the Spanish course too, I never stop being amazed where all the students are coming from!

All courses did sell out rather fast during 2016, actually in July all spots for the rest of the year were already gone. I do not offer many courses since I work as well with companies giving in-house workshops. There is a limit of annual workshops I can have on my agenda, and I had people waiting now for 6 month to join in the next course.  So don’t wait too long to take a decision if you are interested in joining the program :) You will learn new assets, improve your skills and have an enjoyable day too.

Did I mention the food? Wait until you see the type of lunch food artist Elsa Yranzo prepares…

If you want to go on reading all about the new program, schedule, venue, and sign up, please hop over right HERE.

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