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The most asked questions about CEREMONY 2020/21

Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

I have received a few questions during the current pre-sale of our latest Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21. I figured it would be more useful to write an article than answer all questions individually. Here go the ones you had more interest in:


1. What exactly is CEREMONY2020/21?


The starting point of this digital Trend Report is the following: Today’s hectic hustle asks for a more balanced way of living. Being in tune is and will affect all areas of our lives. A more mindful lifestyle will become mainstream soon.

This new consciousness influences on

  • how we live inside our homes

  • how we work

  • how we eat

  • how we travel

  • how we spend our leisure time

to name a few.

CEREMONY covers all these areas. The market does not need more products and services. We do not want to consume more, but differently. 

Mindful Design is the new watch-word.

You will learn THE WHY of this trend and see how its translation through key visuals, colors, and materials.

CEREMONY helps you to understand today’s everchanging needs and desires of your client. 

Building empathy is crucial for efficient communication and product development. 

This report gives you access to what a mindful-driven market is asking for in the next two years. 

But if I had to break it down in one single argument: 

The definition of well-being expands, including an understanding of a more’ holistic’ movement. Brands will have to become more comprehensive partners to their clients and empathize rather than being seen only as a company that sells products.”
Eclectic Trends


2. What is the difference between the two digital versions?

We have a complete version and a reduced version of CEREMONY. 

 The more extensive report or complete version comprises a 40% more content including:

  •  216 pages

  • 10 Color Combinations – You will learn how to bring color stories together.

  • Materials Guide – This pdf of +40 pages will give a general idea of the aesthetics of this trend.

  • More projects and key visuals.

  • In a nutshell – We are breaking down the entire report in trend drivers to understand its concepts and physical translation

  • Behind The Scenes Interview: What means ‘digital self-care’ or ‘meditative digital media’?

Both versions offer value; it depends on how much you’d like to learn and apply later. The complete edition provides more business content. And taking into consideration that CEREMONY is a two years movement that will come very strong; you might want to have the full picture.

Please note we offer a third product only during the pre-sale period. You can have access to two complete Trend Reports (REGENERATION + CEREMONY) at a special price now.

Trend Report Ceremony The Most Asked Questions

3. How can the report support/help me in my business?


Do you feel you you have a precise idea of where our society is now? 

Can you reach out to your end consumer, and do you believe you understand their language and values?

Communication is vital today, no matter if it’s online or offline.

Having excellent communication skills is essential in any business. You can create synergies between you and another party, but need to know which shifts and values are changing in an ever-evolving society.

A trend is nothing superficial but based on how we want to live today and tomorrow.

The next decade around the corner asks for understanding better your audience in the first place and empathize, empathize, empathize.


The current pre-sale finishes on October, 09, 1 pm (GMT+1). You can access to the Early Bird price still here >> TREND REPORTS.

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