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The New Care Economy – Our Wellbeing Trend Report


Our latest wellbeing trend package, The New Care Economy is published. Ten months of research have come to an end, and we are thrilled to present to you what we’ve been working on. In recent months, you have heard us talk about a shifting consciousness of Care and Wellness that has entered every corner of our lives, inside and outside our homes (and no, we are not referring to beauty products and healthy food here).

We know we have changed over the last 15 months. But can you tell in which way and how to speak to an evolved consumer? According to a survey conducted by Ogilvy, the concept of wellness has shifted.

80% want more wellness.

75% say brands don’t offer enough wellness.

73% expect brands to embrace wellness as part of their core mission.


That’s what we call a #wellnessgap; what an opportunity to tap into offering that type of wellness your consumer looks for no matter what your product and service are. A former siloed industry has expanded; any brand can become a more wellness-oriented brand if they know and follow the new paradigm.

Throughout four chapters we dive into how wellness looks like in the fields of interior design & lifestyle. You will see projects, product designs, book tips to learn further, understand where we at now, what has changed, why consumers have changed and how wellness becomes a widespread concept any brand needs to understand to be able to reconnect with a consumer whose brand loyalty has shifted.”
Gudy Herder




Trend Package

Trend Report - The New Care Economy -Wellbeing Report-Eclectic Trends

Our digital products are evolving.
On this occasion, w
e do not offer trend reports as a single option but decided there should be other techniques to help you make trends actionable. After all, who wants a comprehensive report to disappear in a drawer or in one of many files on your desktop? Trends are as relevant as they are actionable for any brand.


Four Products That Make Trends Actionable

You can expect more than 250 pages altogether, split between

1. Trend Report of 180 pages (four chapters).
2. Color Report with a palette of 16 colors, +50 pages.
3. You will find recorded Audio Files to anchor the information of the four chapters and listen wherever you go.
4. How Brands Can Act – the final touch: 15 Conclusions and brainstorming questions to get you activated (the Golden Nuggets of the package).



The program is designed for

any studio/organization/brand

  • Close to interior design & lifestyle interested in finding out what makes a wellness brand today.

  • Wanting to understand how consumer behavior has changed in the past 15 months to connect on a more genuine level.

  • Eager to offer thoughtful communication, less transaction-based, and more in tune with current times.

  • Interested in getting a guideline of how meaningful design looks. Our keywords chart is spot-on!

  • Who believes there must be more than only neutral and pastel colors (seen again and again). Welcome to our 16 colors range.

  • Who chooses to lead in their industry because they understand the paradigm shift of wellness and do not go into wellness washing.

You can learn more and see some content of The New Care Economy report and package by following this link.

Trend Report - The New Care Economy -Wellbeing Report-Eclectic Trends

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