The new Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21 is here!

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So the new Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21 launches today. 

It’s been almost one year observing how the market has shifted, asking for a more meaningful design that helps to achieve inner reflection and nurtures self-care. 

Is this for me?

  • Do you feel you’d like to become a partner to your client rather than being seen as a seller only? 

  • But you are not sure to understand how to communicate well?

  • You know it has become crucial, but you can’t quite find a way to offer products/services that speak to a more mindful-driven market?

You will gain insights on:

  1. In the first place, this trend study will help you understand current value shifts in society. 

  2. That knowledge enables you to empathize and get a clearer vision of how to reach your target. The report shows ways of living that resonate with an audience excited to live a more balanced life.

  3. You will learn about products/services that speak to a more mindful-driven market, and find ideas for your story when working through our worksheets.

We live in such a sped-up, always-on culture moment that we have to find ways to disconnect consciously.
This part of society that sees in overall well-being a new, more valuable form of richness is looking for a lifestyle able to mirror this vision.”

- Eclectic Trends



Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

We look back to ancient, analog or digital experiences that are able to restore our energy and increase our resilience.

Interior Design in homes is blurring, functionality has no longer its own design but bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas look similar to provide chances for major well-being and detox feel everywhere. Interiors, as well as objects, need to help inner reflection and contemplation. But, also, they need to energize, inspire, and delight to grant a holistic experience.

CEREMONY 2020/21 considers Mindful Design to be the most relevant watch-word in any creative discipline within in the next two years.

Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

For this occasion, we have designed two editions which include a complete (pic no.1) and a downsized version (pic no.2).

Please note the Early Bird prices of the pre-sale are still up for a few hours.

Please access here for more information >>

Thank you:)




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