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The rise of the collaborative superpower

alessi chair philippe starck eclectic trends

The Poêle Collection a visionary series inspired by frying pans and designed by Philippe Starck, was unveiled during Alessi’s prestigious Milan design week exhibition called Ars Metallica.

Italian homeware brand Alessi, primarily recognized for its exceptional kitchen products like espresso makers and cutlery, has taken a significant leap into the realm of furniture design.

This bold move marks a potential new direction for Alessi, as they venture beyond their traditional offerings.

In recent times, a captivating trend has emerged within the design world, a remarkable surge in partnerships and collaborations between renowned designers and esteemed brands.

This powerful union has given birth to unique products that encapsulate the innovative spirit of collaboration.

alessi chair philippe starck eclectic trends poêle collection

Alessi Expands Horizons with the Poêle Collection

The partnership between Alessi and Starck is the culmination of a longstanding desire to collaborate. The duo had been contemplating a furniture collection since the early 2000s, with Alessi expressing his ambition to work with Starck on a chair for nearly two decades. Finally, their shared vision has materialized into the magnificent Poêle Collection, showcasing the fruitful outcome of their enduring creative partnership.


Pushing Boundaries with Manufacturing Processes

The Poêle Collection stands out by adopting the same manufacturing processes used by Alessi to create its renowned stainless-steel cookware. This groundbreaking move incorporates the brand’s cold-press metal technology, which has been integral to Alessi’s manufacturing since the 1950s. By infusing this cutting-edge technology into the furniture line, the Poêle Collection seamlessly blends the worlds of culinary craftsmanship and functional design.


The Captivating Poêle Chair

At the heart of the Poêle Collection lies the captivating Poêle Chair, a masterpiece that harmoniously blends elegance and functionality. The chair features a gently curved stainless-steel seat with a mesmerizing mirror-polished finish, resting upon a sturdy brown-dyed beech wood frame. What makes this chair exceptional is its innovative approach—utilizing the same cold-press metal high-technology employed in Alessi’s frying pan production. This bold design choice beautifully captures the essence of Philippe Starck’s ingenuity and Alessi’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing.

alessi chair philippe starck eclectic trends

As the design industry embraces the power of collaboration, we can expect to witness more groundbreaking creations that redefine the possibilities of contemporary design. The Poêle Collection serves as a testament to the transformative potential of these partnerships, inspiring us to reimagine what is possible in the world of design.

alessi chair philippe starck eclectic trends entrance milan

alessi chair philippe starck eclectic trends milan display

alessi chair philippe starck eclectic trends milan 2023

Take a look at the spectacular designs here.

Images courtesy of Philippe Starck and Alessi.

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