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The Standard Hotel makes its mark in the heart of Ibiza town


The Standard Hotel designed by Oskar Kohnen is located in the heart of Ibiza.




Fifty-three rooms and suites occupy the streamlined, white hotel a pebble’s throw from the marina, presenting a clean and calming canvas for afternoon liaisons and relaxed mornings on the terrace.


“From poets to pirates and disco duchesses in glamorous exile, The Standard is the newest in a long line of bold characters to make its mark on Ibiza.”

The Standard


The crisp white exterior of The Standard Hotel, conceived of by Lázaro Rosa Violán, who developed the initial Interior Architecture for the project, together with Carlos Ferrater, the Architect of the new building, is reminiscent of Los Angeles and, more pointedly, The Standard’s first hotel located on the Sunset Strip.

This inspired the team to introduce a Californian approach to the interiors which naturally married well with Ibizan aesthetics.


“We wanted the rooms to feel minimal, a little sparse even, reflecting the desire in hot climates to have a stripped back interior & a need for lightness. The Standard is synonymous as a resolutely urban brand, they are, in their essence, hotels for a fast paced city break.”

Oskar Kohnen


The team of designers knew that the Ibizan outpost still needed to feel like a party could spontaneously happen at any moment, whilst paradoxically being a calm oasis, a place to vacation.


For a grounding effect, they opted for a muted colour palette supported by a largely organic materiality of travertine, hessian, cotton and wood befitting the landscape of the Island.



To soften the newness of the building, they layered classic furniture designs in the 67 bedrooms alongside vintage European pieces in the public spaces to disrupt the perfection and add a note of tactility and age.

For the flagship restaurant, Jara located on the first floor of The Standard Hotel the team sought to evoke the mood of a more traditional Brasserie, a moment of formality as a mood change to the famously hedonistic nightlife.




More on the Studio

Founded in 2011 by Oskar Kohnen, OK Studio is an experimental interior architecture and design practice, seeking to push the traditional boundaries of architecture and interior design in new directions.

Photography by Salva Lopez.

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