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The Terracooler brings traditional material qualities to the modern kitchen


The innovative terracotta clay pot: Terracooler designed by Ellie Perry design keeps food cool without using any electricity for refrigeration.


Domestic fridges use 10% of household energy. The UK produces 14 million tonnes of food waste each year.

Why are we wasting electricity on food that we then waste?



Like many designers today, Perry felt compelled to design her Terracooler after learning the disturbing facts about the yearly amount of waste we generate. Perry designed the Terracooler to make sense of that perplexing ratio.

Tradition meets science

Terracooler is a modern take on the zeer pot, an ancient method of cooling that dates back to 3000 BC. Using the natural properties of teton to keep your food cool, all you have to do is add water.

How does it work?

The Terracooler comprises three tapered, douslip-cast slip-cast pieces with built-in handles. The handles stem from the individual pots and work as spouts for water to pour through and provide evaporative cooling for fruit, vegetables and dairy.

With a vertical, modular design, the Terracooler fits comfortably on any kitchen counter and can be disassembled to access the food items inside each pot. The porosity of the terracotta absorbs the water, cooling the food as it evaporates. The Terracooler reduces energy consumption for food that should not be stored in a fridge and makes the user more aware of food storage and less likely to let good produce go to waste.

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