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The Lifestyle Trend Theme Your Are Most Interested In Is…

We got the results on The Lifestyle Trend Theme You Are Most Interested In reflecting the interest that’s most relevant to our readers and their businesses.

Thank you so much for all your participation in which trend report you would like us to publish first. We appreciate your input very much. It’s been a tight race, and to our surprise, all three topics have a similar interest, between 29% and 40%.


However, you preferred the first report to be launched first: The New Care Economy (which is also the number one topic now our corporate clients are interested in).

Why are we so interested in this theme now? The idea of what wellness means has shifted. Let us start with the key message here:

73% of consumers expect brands to embrace wellness as part of their core mission.”



The meaning of care expanded in 2020 inside and outside our homes. We have become self-taught experts in wellbeing and self-care thanks to newfound daily routines. Taking care goes beyond the idea of taking a bubble bath or log into a meditation app. Consumers want to maintain the practice of care for themselves and expect brands to consider a shift of needs. They are reconsidering what a “good” brand means for them and how purpose-driven it is.

The report of New Care Economy shows that it doesn’t matter in which industry you are, the question is, How can you act so your consumer feels been taken care of? Is it through a product? A service? The way you communicate? The bonus they received and didn’t expect? The way you offer help, mentoring, support free of charge? Or the way you make them feel better?

And how does care look translated into designs?

We are happy to hear that you are interested in this theme according to surveys on Linkedin, IG stories, and our Wednesday Journal (newsletter) community and will publish a launch date soon.



Curious what the future of wellbeing might hold? The New Care Economy is now published.

Trend Report


Consumers have become hyper-focused on wellness and self-care in the past 15 months. As a result, they are more interested in less transaction-based communication and more in what a brand can do for them. How does this spirit look translated into design?

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