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The Unexplored World Of Tree Crowns By Jan Kath

You know you are in for a treat when Jan Kath launches any new collection; more so, if you ever had the chance to touch his creations. For the JUNGLE collection, shots of Asian jungle regions and their tree crowns served as the template for the carpets knotted by hand in Nepal.

When flying over the tropical rainforest, one can only imagine the tremendous biodiversity hidden beneath the seemingly impenetrable green canopy.

Yet this is still largely unexplored world of tree crowns is absolutely fascinating. Whether from a bird’s-eye view or from the ground up, these giants have an effect on me akin to an exciting promise.

Jan Kath

The color green has always been seen as harmonizing in interior design. Green spaces can have a calming, balancing, and even noise-attenuating effect. In order to bring the complexity and fascinating diversity of the rainforest to life in the designs, Jan Kath has knotted JUNGLE with a taller pile height, giving the carpets an opulent feel.

They appear to be organic, lush, and alive. In addition, the designer has used an exciting material mix: hand-spun wool from the Tibetan highlands, delicate Chinese silk, and tough nettle fibers from the Asian mountains. Each of these three materials is dyed in up to 40 certified natural dyes. Since each material adopts the dye differently, various nuances are formed and the same green tones emerge. The result is a subtle diversity – just like with leaves on a tree, which come to life in the interplay of light and shade.

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