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The Workbook That Scans If Your Business Is Trend-Proof

Is Your Business Trend-Proof-The Workbook-Eclectic Trends

Taking into consideration the massive download of the workbook we’ve experienced so far, I thought it could be worth it sharing the idea on a single post.

During the lockdown, I started a video series on IGTV called How To Navigate Trends In Uncertain Times. During three editions you can learn

  • why trends are accelerating, what trend drivers are new or which are emerging stronger than ever (video no.1)

  • which sources are reliable to acc serious information if you’d like to scout yourself during these times (video no.1)

  • what kind of brand communication has become mandatory (video no.1)

  • how personalization is gaining a different relevance now and why (video no.1)

  • further examples of what acceleration means now (video no.2)

  • which term will stick for us as a symbol of how social isolation can be relieved (video no.2)

  • why staycation can become a window for (smaller) businesses (video no.2)

  • how Creative Waste can lead to new collaborations and win-win situations (video no.2)

  • the meaning of the prefix SELF in our society after COVID-19 (video no.2)

  • Why did the social core of our home turned into a lab space? (video no.3)

  • Will we use some areas the same way we used to do during the confinement? (video no.3)

  • Why do coffee table legs need to get higher? (video no.3)

  • What novelty did we see in our bathrooms? (video no.3)

  • Which are the three features many textiles need to include in the future? (video no.3)

  • Do we still have a sacred non-digital space in our homes? (video no.3)

You can learn about many different trend concepts, however, if you’d like to get more out of it and don’t consume the content as with any other video you might have seen these days, here goes a solution we hope you might find helpful.

The Workbook comes jam-packed with activators and we like it to be flexible to use. You can

  1. work through all the information of the three videos

  2. concentrate on one or a few ideas that suit best your business

Please see the link below to download your copy.


Is Your Business Trend-Proof-The Workbook-Eclectic Trends


I love the way you communicate and your capacity to pull together and synthesize all the information what´s going on. That helps a lot to find the path in “the dark forest of informations. Thank you for sharing with us your ideas, and the way you see how the world of trend changing. It is a treasure!”
Sarolta Szakonyi


Is Your Business Trend-Proof-The Workbook-Eclectic Trends

Please access this tool in English or Castellano here:



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