3 Examples of Trending Magazines and Conscious Living

We love to display innovative and new designs, but by showing you these three examples of trending magazines we didn’t want to concentrate on the design of the publications only. When looking at these magazines, it is not just about design and layout – magazines are about stories. Here a clear connection can be drawn, not only in their minimalistic designs, but also with the aim of all of the magazines: the ongoing observation of the trend of slow living who is transforming  into a conscious and sustainable lifestyle in general.

The movement of Conscious Living has already effected so many areas like interiors, fashion and magazines like Kinfolk are incredibly successful with contributing stories to these lifestyles. In their latest issue Kinfolk is concentrating on home and the rituals of our daily lives. Again, a reflection of the cocooning (an expression that is often discussed if it is still up-to-date or totally done already) that can be observed in the interiors world. Today we would love to focus on three magazines that are a little less known but equally interesting.

1// Minimalissimo Magazine




Minimalissimo is an exploration and celebration of minimalism, aiming to inspire creatives and showcase the best in the field of design. Publicizing articles about Galam Tailoring  not only displays the story behind the strong branding of the company, but also the interesting ideas against mass production in fashion. At Galam Tailoring you need an invitation, as a result you get a handmade suit with a strong emphasis on traditional methods. Contributors like Jana Ahrens add an intuitive perspective to the magazine, especially, as she is an author, who focuses on writing about sustainable wardrobe and ‚aesthetic action’ herself.

2// Obscura Magazine




Founded in 2010 Obscura Magazine is based in Hong Kong and  tailored for those with a passion to create their very own style with an outstanding perspective. They collect true wonders that can be found in simplicity and long-lastingness. Highlighting the old Japanese reparing techniques known as ‚kintsugi’ the series also displays the strength of Japanese culture and the way their society deals with the aftermath of natural disasters.  Such meaningful topics are not only culturally compelling for Japan, but binding for Conscious Living worldwide.

3// The Bus Journal 




Public transportation is a wonderful form to get from A to B in Europe, actually in most parts of the world. In contrast to the United States (with very little exceptions like New York City etc.) many people take the bus or train to get to work because they consciously decided to leave the car at home. Then again, there are also lots of people who depend on public transportation because it is their only way to reach their destinations.

So we think, that some of you might have an interesting story to share when it comes from being on the bus. This is what Sarah Le Donne’s Bus Journal is about: it is a self-initiated publication about discovering every day city life by public bus. The clean and minimalistic design, it’s photography and the beautiful layouted text focuses on the story and the authentic narration. Slowing down to read the stories of everyday life, stories that matter are globally relevant, especially in fast-paced times like ours.

Have you read lately some magazine you really liked? I’d love to hear. G, x

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