Tintology- Color Therapy Pharmaceuticals

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Designer Alice Dobbie thought about a fictional color pharmacy when creating Tintology where colors are prescribed to help counteract various common emotional health issues and concerns, fight depression or unpleasant state of mind.

Don’t we all know by now that color has a profound impact on our emotions?

The idea is based on the findings of Faber Birren (1900-1988) that provided evidence of certain colors’ healing properties.

What if the doctor would prescribe a coadjutant cure of colors going through a library of emotions? Imagine we could pick the right color for our homes and positively influence our emotions. Not only the idea of the project is brilliant but also the naming – Tintology sumps up the right combination of science, health, and color.

Color Therapy Tintology

Color Therapy by Alice Dobbie Eclectic Trends

Color Therapy Tintology

Color Therapy Tintology

Color Therapy

One of the tasks we enjoy the most when creating our trend reports is putting color palettes together. Every single color speaks to one emotion and has to be aligned with the overall message of the trend. Also, the palette in itself which consists of 10 different colors as a block needs to underline that specific message the trend stands for.



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