How to create a tone-on-tone mood board? The Green Series

This is for now the last and third edition I have produced to date of the tone-on-tone mood board series after covering The Blue and Violet Series.
Taking into account how significant Green is as a color, philosophy/lifestyle and ever evolving trend, the last mood board is entirely dedicated to Green.

The Tone-On-Tone Mood Board-The Green Series via Eclectic Trends

The Tone-On-Tone Mood Board-The Green Series via Eclectic Trends

The Tone-On-Tone Mood Board-The Green Series via Eclectic Trends

The Tone-On-Tone Mood Board-The Green Series via Eclectic Trends

The Tone-On-Tone Mood Board-The Green Series via Eclectic Trends


All mood board images taken by Ampi Aristu

The power of Green is proven through our inherent connection to nature and its healing energy giving force. It was only logic to come up with a color inspired mood board, but the idea was too to include some on-trend 70s vibes through images and a splash of cognac props, an inherent shade of that decade.

Here go there tips (besides the recommendations in former posts here and here):

  1. Decide on your back drop carefully

    When you work on a tone-on-tone mood board, besides getting your props in different (in this case, green) tones within the same color, your back drop needs to be in the same color range. I like to choose the darker than the actual props to highlight the elements but this is up to you.

  2. Overlapping textures

    Work with textures (feathers, leather, velvet, felt, metal, etc.) to add interest, having different proposals in height and texture is almost a must when working tone-on-tone. You can build up small groups to fill the negative space if you do not want to add too many images as I did.

  3. Add some eye catcher

    To prevent from a too similar look&feel of all elements (this is the power of color, it unites), I recommend to work with elects that draw some attention due to their shape, color or texture. The centered brass elements are definitely a focal point her, so is the image top left because of its size and light and the agate because of its different size. It’s always positive to have at least one element on your board that is a bit edgy.

    Gudy Herder0516-2The Tone-On-Tone Mood Board-The Green Series via Eclectic Trends

If you want to learn this techniques and others, I will still teach one more masterclass in October for international creatives after an intense season of conferences and workshops. In case you’d like to come over and spend some extra time in Barcelona, this time of the year is one of my favorites (late summer is still here with nice temperatures).


We have created a free ebook on how to set up your own trending tone-on-tone mood board.


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