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Top 5: Best Of 2021

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Best of 2021: What did you like the most on Eclectic Trends, or were you curious to learn about in 2021? Our Top 5 last year revealed that Color Forecast articles are strong, followed by an interest in our complete mood board program for pros. It comes as no surprise that our annual Color Trends, once more, are on top of the list,  and Norwegian color company Jotun is no.1 wins the gold medal. Here goes a round-up of what interested you the most in 2021:


1// Four Color Trends 2021 By Jotun

This post is on top of all the other articles because it has been published for a while and repinned thousands of times since October 2020. Jotun’s annual color palettes are one of the biggest hits on Eclectic Trends. The new palette of 4 color trends 2021 is very much in line with the color philosophy of warmth and timelessness the brand conveys. As in previous years, the creative duo Kråkvik and D’Orazio have been in charge of the styling session, teaming up with photographer @linethitklein.

Since we are in the RE-era, it’s no surprise, they would name the new collection REDISCOVER. We’ve been rethinking, reframing, rediscovering our homes, spending more time than usual observing what works fine and where we need to adjust. The company has also been recapturing some of its historical hues; there are a few new hues, others have been carefully picked from the archives (which we can only applaud).

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4 Color Trends 2021 By Jotun-Nostalgic Pastels-Mood Board-Eclectic Trends

2// BRAVE GROUND – Color Of The Year 2021 By Dulux

Dulux presented Brave Ground and the tone resonated with many. Think of the feeling of being surrounded by clay, soil, or sand and the need for down-to-earth decisions and environments. Think of a timeless hue, easy to combine, one that makes you feel good and is flexible at the same time. A hue that can be used in any single room in your home, which is not too fashionable and provides a feeling of comfort and safety.

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Color Of The Year 2021: brave Ground by Dulux-Eclectic Trends

3// The New Care Economy

Our digital trend reports, which came for the first time with four audios, have aroused much interest, and we saw well-being concepts created on many levels. In 2022, the information is more relevant than ever and far from being dated; it keeps growing and growing.

Consumers have become hyper-focused on their wellness, care, and self-care during the pandemic. How does this spirit look translated into design? How can brands adapt to shifted wellness needs considering a new holistic approach? And what makes a wellness brand in 2022?

Consumers expect to see wellness in brands’ core philosophy. 80% of people want to improve their wellness. 75% feel brands could do more for their wellness.

But first, there must be an understanding of what makes a wellness brand today? And how could you translate these insights of the new care into design and brand communication?

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Trend Report - The New Care Economy -Wellbeing Report-Eclectic Trends


4// How To Create A Haptic Mood Board Aa A Business Tool?

Our online course for pros continues to be in the top 5, which gives me much joy. I still believe it’s the most complete online program on the market, and we will offer updates in 2022 so you can still enjoy new content if you’ve already enrolled. Moodboarding is gaining a whole new perspective now that we need to communicate in a more engaging way and get away from our digital devices during presentations. Who needs more PowerPoint presentations if you can swap them for a more memorable experience and a haptic mood board?

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Online Mood Board Course

Online Mood Board Course Masterclass ©MoodBoardAcademy



5// Three Color Trends 2022 By Dulux Australia

We’re excited to share another year 3 Color Trends 2022 by Dulux Australia, who have given us many excellent color directions for Australia and New Zealand for the past years. Since its inception, Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, has worked on every Colour Forecast and shares her trend forecasting process.

We research from many different influences – fashion, media, political and finance, technology – as well as researching where color and design are heading in Western Europe. Once we gather all of this, we then filter the color information to ensure these colors will work in both Australia and NZ.”

Dulux Australia presented three (instead of four) new tonal palettes inspired by our natural surroundings. Flourish, Restore, and Wonder represent rich, earthy tones and natural textures, alongside joyful, summery hues that awaken a zest for life.

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Color Trends 2022 by Dulux Australia

Color Trends Flourish Palette 2022 Dulux Australia

2021 has been a great year for our blog with much more traffic than we saw in the previous years, and we appreciate all your support and interest! Let’s make 2022 again interesting and insightful for as many as possible. Un abrazo. G,x

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