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Top 5 Findings From Last Week

Top 5 findings from last week| Eclectic Trends

This edition of the Top 5 Findings From Last Week shows very diverse and cross-industry references from art to technology.  I find them very intriguing so I’d like to experience them all, especially the last one!

Top 5 findings from last week| Eclectic Trends


A sensory art experience that, through visual stimulation (color), tactility (fabric), and external elements such as sun and wind, created a common place for visitors to play, reflect or stay. “Common Clearings” was part of the Sinnersrausch (Sensory high) exhibition in Linz at the end o 2019. The pictures are mesmerizing; a book of the installation shares texts about the fundamentals we human share: starts, sun, sky, or landscapes. Continue reading…



Business ideas often come from a need the market cannot yet offer it. Or the existing offer is not good enough. This is exactly what happened to Yam Derfler, a modern nomad, that got sick while in South America. The help he received was very poor so this pushed him to create an alternative for those living a nomadic lifestyle. So, Air Doctor was born: an app that allows you to connect with private doctors worldwide. You can create an appointment or require a home visit. Air Doctor wants to be a trustworthy platform, therefore, all their clinics and doctors are certified. Continue reading…



When in need of a specific item, you have probably thought, “If I could borrow it, I wouldn’t buy it!”. The Library of Things, in London, is a place where you can borrow useful things, for projects and DIY, to use them and turn them back. The project aims to contribute to the circular economy while building a community. The Library of things claims that by borrowing rather than buying, so far people have contributed to saving around 15,900Kg of waste. It is a brilliant result, plus the pictures of the items to borrow are rather soothing! Continue reading…



Nothing more than a scent can bring back a memory. A group of researchers is working on preserving ordinary life smells that could disappear in the future: the smell of an old book, traditional pubs, or leather. The claim is that specific smells are part of our culture and heritage and, therefore, should be protected. Indeed we are a very visually driven society. There is much to investigate about the power of this “hidden” and underused sense. Continue reading…



The phrase “The future is here” has never been so true when it comes to this project. Mojo Vision developed smart contact lenses with a built-in screen that gives you timely information about your surrounding without interrupting the vision. The device can give you extra information to enhance your performance. It sounds like science-fiction, but according to the company, these lenses can show you directions while walking or the steps to replace an unfamiliar machine part. I can’t wait to try these lenses out! Continue reading…

If you are curious about the cross-industry projects, you can read the previous Top 5 Findings From Last Week here.

Photography: Courtesy of Urgent.Agency.

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