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Top 5 Readings From Last Week

Top 5 Findings From last week| Eclectic Trends

Please find a selection of our offbeat readings lately, not necessarily linked to interior design only. These are the Top 5 Readings From Last Week:

Bird's nest hotel in Sweden


Sweden has opened a bird’s nest hotel by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi with a floating circular structure of the main building and cabins on river Lule. Imagine a wellness center situated under the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun during summertime. Continue reading...


China says to ban plastic single-use bags during this year. Moreover, by the end of this year, the restaurant industry will be banned from using single-use straws. Learn more about how they already boost recycling rates and continue reading…


Traditionally public spaces have been squares or parks. But in a society that is continuously changing, how can a city adapt and change itself? Non-profit CultureHouse in Boston is trying to facilitate a new type of public space, transforming empty storefronts into pop-up social spaces for the neighborhood and the community to come together. Continue reading…


Teresa Berger, a graduate student designer from Design Academy Eindhoven, has investigated the concept of Gastrophysics. A cross-over of principles from neuroscience, physics, and chemistry to understand the connection between the worlds of gastronomy and cooking. For her investigation, she created Beyond Taste, a series of tableware where all the senses are stimulated to understand the effect they can have on the perception of taste. Continue reading…


What if a graffiti could serve the twofold purpose of embellishing out cities while cleaning from pollution? Italian artist known as iena Cruz painted the whole façada of a building in Milan, known to be one of the cities in Italy struggling with the quality of the air. The piece called Anthropoceano is able, through the paint used, to absorb pollution. Continue reading.


Week after week, we are searching for exciting projects, discoveries, and designs. Anything can be an early signal of the next trend. If you want to read more about Our Top 5 Readings From Last Week, click here.


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