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Our Top 5 Findings This Week

Top5 Findings this Week-Mario Montesinos Marco |Eclectic Trends

We often get asked where we get our inspiration, knowledge, and findings from. Not everything is Interior Design related in our day to day as you will discover below. Welcome back to Our Top 5 Findings this week where will give you some insights into a few internet readings we pick every two weeks.

Top5 Findings this Week-Gregory Beson |Eclectic Trends


1// This year’s edition of “In Good Company” exhibition by Fernando Mastrangelo and Rossana Orlandi is on, and there is even a salt chair.

In Good Company started as a group exhibition in 2017 because Fernando Mastrangelo wanted to bring together a group of talented, young designers and invite his circle of colleagues out to celebrate them. And it has one mission: to help artists and designers who may not have access to resources or exposure to get their work noticed, and their careers started.

Among the works in this year’s edition, there is the Scarpa-inspired Salt chair by Gregory Benson cast entirely from Himalayan Pink Salt. Please go over to Sight Unseen and learn more.



2// Who knew Sound Bath were one of the new well-being tools to access meditative states and cultivate deep relaxation?

In the upcoming weeks, we will share many insights we learned when researching our new Trend Book. Sara Auster changes the notion of how we can engage with sound and the act of listening. She is an American sound therapist, meditation teacher, and artist, and the driving force in bringing sound baths to contemporary culture. She adopts a holistic approach to well-being enriched by the transformative power of music and sound. Her work is based on creating carefully crafted experiences where the sound is used as a tool to access meditative states, support self-inquiry, cultivate deep relaxation, and inspire meaningful connection and change. 



3// The 12.000 person waiting list for a garden and revival of a culture that used to be considered as old-fashioned

Having grown up with the culture of Schrebergarten myself, it has been interesting to read what the BBC had to say about it and learn about the origin of the name. Also, now I know, the average age of members is 56 – a fall of about five years since 2011. By 2025, my guess is that number will have significantly decreased – don’t we all want to spend the weekend in nature? Or is to just me? :)



4// A new pollution tracking tool takes into account business emission

Tech giant Salesforce unveils a new pollution tracking tool called Sustainability Cloud according to The Verge. With Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, businesses now have a trusted sustainability platform that gives them a 360-degree view of their environmental impact. It also provides data-driven insights to make changes the planet will notice.



5// Downton Abbey is out for rent, and you can do it via Airbnb

Known to global audiences as the setting of Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle is a country house in the Jacobethan style by the architect Charles Barry, with a park designed by Capability Brown. According to Fast Company, for one night only, all 300 rooms in Highclere Castle will go up on Airbnb for as little as… Continue reading.

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